FourthCanvas Paid Internship for Brand and Product designers

The 2nd edition of the *4C Fellowship for brand and product designers is here but with a twist — it’s exclusive to women!

Its a 3-month internship from August to October 2023 ​where 4 amazing women across brand strategy, brand design, and product design will train early and intermediate talent who have put in great effort and are hungry for more.

We know there are more women out there with huge potential in brand design, and we want to bring more of them on board, for new dimensions to the magic we create at FourthCanvas. We also want to help establish more examples for more women out there to reference as they dream. This is a part of our 4C Women program (4CWM) which we kicked off last year (2022).

You also get a learning support stipend of 100,000 NGN monthly. You also get access to Real projects, top resources, and direct mentorship from leading figures in your field.

What We want to see


How much do you want to be great? How far are you ready to make the most of your opportunities? We are looking for women who are driven to prove a point, who have waited enough to get their chance, and who will maximize it once they have it. We want to see how they have shown in these the little things they have done up until now.


Passion is not enough. We want to see how much attention you put to the little things, organizing, keeping your word, taking charge of situations, spotting potential problems, and preventing them. At your level of experience, you are surely not going to be a master of this yet but we want to see how much you already try.

How far do you imagine? What can happen when you get into the flow? Can you make music with words? Or do you prefer visuals? Whatever your medium… can you make it sing? We are looking for women who can make flowers and butterflies out of nothing, and who can bring life and soul to otherwise boring concepts. We are looking for beautiful minds. Sounds like yours?

How wide do you explore? We are looking for people who know no limits. It may show in your skillset, how far you have traveled, how wide you read, or other dimensions we may not even yet know. If you love staying in one box, this is probably not for you. But if you have got the range, come along with your catalog and let us see what you have.

Sounds Interesting? You can preview the application questions here

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Speak with Oluremi: +234 901 345 5589
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