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Using Poetry To Battle Abuse And Domestic Violence: The Michelle Kusi Way

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domestic-violence poetry

“I wonder when he lost respect for me
I wonder when my love
became a trigger for his abusing
I wonder when did my love
become the death of me
He hit me
Today was no different than when it first began…
I can’t wake up
Last hit
Fatal blow to my head
Some things need not go unsaid
Abuse is one of them
The same body that used to love me
Is The same body that took me from the land of the living -Michelle Kusi The KooZ©”

These are words and lines from the poetry of Michelle Kusi, the soulful fabulosity of a woman who has chosen to stand and speak for women with the words that flow from her Typepad or pen.
Michelle Kusi also known as The KooZ or TribeCalledKush, is a spoken word artist and consultant from The Bronx, New York. She is an inspirational poet, coaxing women out of Abuse and challenging us to take a stand for being treated amazingly well.
We discovered her work one day when we stumbled on the poem above and since then we have been enthralled by her grace and her capacity to speak the truth for women, to women. Michelle Kusi is a believer in the fact that Poetry is the gift that God gave her to heal people around her. In an interview with Women Cultivators, she exclaimed that “poetry is life it is a breath that if I skip a beat I die twice’. We love how deeply she believes in her art.

Michelle created a Movement alongside her Poetry Partner Kondwani Called Art: The dope and The dealer where they give a platform to artist and poets around the country, with the goal of inspiring people through their metaphors.

Here’s another excerpt of her poem that we love!
“I had It all mixed up
I used to think if bitches knew I was the main chick
it made everything OK
I used to think pussy will keep him
And loyalty makes him stay
See a nigga will scream my shorty a ride or die
while he’s doing her wrong…”
(Get the rest of the poem on Tribecalledkush page.)

To see more poems and spoken word performance by Michelle Kusi, follow her on Instagram.

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