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Poets that Set Our Hearts on Fire: Egyptian-Irish, Salma El-Wardany

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“Words are all we have.
Used in the right way, words can change everything. They start revolutions. End sadness. Lift people from their knees and bring ideas crumbling down.” – Salma El-Wardany on her website.

Salma El-Wardany embodies the power and life of words. She is fire, light and glowing stars that keep you warm and human. Salma’s poetry is a call to let go, embrace your full flare while glaring back at anything that attempts to scorch us dry.

The Egyptian-Irish poet is madly passionate about ideas of belonging and predominantly writes about how we belong, and how we find and manifest our identity when it is made of so many differing, and often contradictory, factors.
You should watch her TEDx Talk below.

Born in Egypt and raised in the North of England, Salma El-Wardany is fighting for a new narrative surrounding Muslims. Her spoken word performances always get us thinking and meditating. She is as therapeutic as she is refreshing, baptizing you with her poetry.

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