Meet Recess, An Artist Workspace That Fosters Interaction Between The Public & Artists

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Recently, at ArtXLagos we were having a discussion with friends about how the Art industry and scene has come a long way from when we were little and Art was regarded as an Outsider, malignant field that people don’t allow their relatives to go near.
Although we still have a long way to go and work to be done, Art has come to fuse more with the society. People have come to appreciate, understand and imbibe the world of Art into their own universe. This intersection of the public, society and the Art world is where Recess Art plays significantly.

Founded by Allison Freedman Weisberg, Recess Art creates opportunities for artists to work in a public setting, initiating partnerships among artists and audiences. By welcoming radical thinkers to take risks as they address complex questions in real time with their public, Recess defines and advances the possibilities of contemporary creative practice.

Their programs reimagine traditional studio, exhibition, and classroom platforms, offering artists, audiences, and program participants flexible frameworks in which to generate new works and ideas.

#RecessAssembly participants meet Bina48

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Recess is always free and open to the public in order to foster an approachable environment for the meaningful exchange of images and ideas across disparate communities.
They reimagine a public for art by envisioning the public as participants, challenging common distinctions between process and product and maker and consumer. It is a generative meeting place for an inclusive creative community, enabling Artists to take on ambitious goals that evolve in dialogue with an inquisitive public.

Thank you to everyone who attended the #WonderRoomRecess Sunday Dinner 🌿

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Recess is located at 41 Grand Street, New York. You should join one of their Programs for Artists.

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