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These Are Your Recipes For Self Love

By November 9, 2017 No Comments

Recipes-For-Self-Love-910x600In a world that demands your attention per second and demands you to climb out of your awesomeness and please it at all cost, Alison Rachel has created a safe haven for us to feel like we matter to ourselves.
Recipes For Self Love is a digital zine that is packed with intersectional illustrations to get you to notice how amazing you are to yourself and practice self-love. The illustrations are poetic nuances of the beautiful love we should have for our selves. It’s a practical unlikely guide to self love. The zine is a response to the flood of sexist, racist, trash that seems to have taken over the internet.
Recipes For Self Love is filled with mantras, walk-throughs that will enable you to breathe in all the goodness of your divine, positive vibes every day.

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