Routines To Have As A Creative Woman

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It might sound like a task but it is very good to have a routine as a creative woman, it helps you to stay disciplined, focus on your work, task execution and time management. In order to prosper in your creative field, you have to create routines and get used to them. Here are few routines to inspire your creativity:

Start your day early: this helps your body adjust better to routine and helps you to plan your day. Most creatives are either late to sleep or early to rise so figure out which you are and build on that. Take note of the period or hours that you are most active and less distracted, this is the period you give your work undivided attention.

Journal: journaling is way different from planning a routine. Think of journaling as a daily report of your life where you can write every thought that crosses your mind and share how you feel. Journaling first thing in the morning can help you clear your mind, gain discernment, be inspired and lighter. It is a common practice among creative people to reflect on things before beginning their day.

Space: if you’re the type of person that likes their personal space then it is advisable to have a workspace or work station where you can think freely with no distractions. When creating, ensure that you take time to commune with your thoughts. Also, having your own space as a creative at work sharpens your attention.

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Create a warm up routine: it can be as simple as making tea or coffee, organizing your workspace, meditating, yoga or even exercise. It helps to ease into your creative time and also work better.

Create a to-do list: a to-do list allows you to lay out your tasks for the day, with a to-do list, your activities for the day are already sorted so you are well aware of how to distribute your energy.

Rest: Take time to rest during the day, you can watch a movie, read a book, take a walk or even nap. Resting is important to the body, without rest as a creative you might experience blocks or burnouts.

Have the will to say no: our days are pretty unpredictable, there are things that will come up along the line requesting your attention or energy that you must be able to turn down. Simply say no if it doesn’t serve you or expects too much from you. 

Learn: whatever it is that you’re doing make sure you’re learning. Every new day is an opportunity to learn so never lose track of that.

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