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Samanta Tello’s ‘Silenced Voices of Everyday Sheroes’ Is The Work Your Soul Has Been Yearning For

For far too long, women have been silenced by patriarchal societies in most cultures, if not all. I believe we can rise above our anger and remove the barriers to our success — by talking, sharing, communicating our thoughts to each other, redefining our own expectations, and never assuming that we must play fixed female roles.

I am often inspired by the stories, ideas, and courage of the women I meet. Every day, I am reminded how women are agents of change. Through my work, I send a message of empowerment— graphically demonstrating how our once-silenced voices and unheard ideas, when brought together, can promote strength.

This message I pass on to my five- and eight-year-old daughters as well, encouraging them to be who they truly are and dream to be, discouraging them from internalizing and assuming gender stereotypical roles. I invite them to question well-meaning people when they speak to them as “beautiful princesses” instead of smart girls with interests — and to be aware, listen and share in order to help themselves and all women as a whole.
– Samanta Tello

These are the words that welcome you as you behold Samanta’s ‘Silenced Voices of Everyday Sheroes’ piece on her website.
It is the most gorgeous, heart-wrenching and mending piece of art that we’ve come across this season. This art will heal your soul and bring every deadness in you back to life.
Samanta Tello created it using the wood burning technique, silver and gold foil, stains, and oil. Apart from the physical materials used for making this piece, we adore the emotional, ideology-changing materials that have gone into it.
‘Silenced Voices of Everyday Sheroes’ is beautiful vulnerability meshed and solidified for all to see.

Samanta Tello is an artist originally from Barcelona, Spain, who now lives San Francisco. Her work is inspired by the relationship between harmony and contrast. How contrasting elements highlight the opposing qualities in one another and bring an appreciation of their specific attributes. Follow her work on Instagram and Website.


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