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A Show Dedicated To Demystifying Sewing: Watch ‘Stitched with Nedoux’

Last week, we were going through this FastCompany’s list of Movies And Shows Every Designer Should Watch On Netflix and thinking about how it makes so much sense to have Shows and series that’ll be dedicated to Creatives – growing skills and bringing out emerging talents. Then we stumbled upon this tweet by Chinedu Ahanonu, and got filled with joy!

Now there’s a YouTube series – a Show focused on Sewing and demystifying sewing with easy steps. You should totally see it! There are now 3 episodes in this series, you should start following so you catch up and learn all the way.

The creator of this Sewing series, Chinedu Ahanonu, is a DIY sewing enthusiast based in Lagos, Nigeria who believes in the power of grace and self-validation. She is also the convener of the Nedoux Sewing Club, a monthly workshop designed to equip people with basic DIY sewing skills within a social atmosphere.
Here’s the first episode of her new sewing show – Stitched with Nedoux.

And the second episode:

Now go see the rest!

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