Shira Barzilai’s Art is Inspiration for Days

Tel-Aviv based artist and Ilustrator, Shira Barzilai, draws the most expressive and emotive line art that I have ever seen. Using any surface as her canvas, she brings to life expressions, faces, and still movements that are rapturous. Her Art is an overlapping of human emotions, comical face-making, weird mappings that pave way for work that you’ll gaze upon for days without getting tired.
Shira Barzilai holds a degree in fashion design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. After completing her studies and spending a year in Los Angeles, she decided to focus on fashion illustration and began to illustrate for local designers and fashion chains. Over the years she has established herself as a leading fashion illustrator after illustrating for brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Thomas Wilde, and collaborating with international brands including H & M, Ray-Ban, Lucitan, Ben Simon and Soda Stream shoes.

Shira runs, a web platform that offers a wide range of activities including: live illustrations at events, an online shop for framed home prints, temporary tattoos, personal illustrations, commercial collaborations.

Featured Image of Shira via Art Should Tempt

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