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The Eye Of Photography Through Tila Nomvula Mathizerd’s Lens

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Tila Nomvula Mathizerd is a beautiful photographer who sees photography and photoshop as her Painting and canvas. In her own words, Tila Nomvula describes how her life and sight are entwined with photography – “the love that I have for photography I can not even explain in words but one thing that I have learnt in photography is finding the beauty in the world around me.
She weaves stories of South Africa, collects the beauty around her in jars & pockets of pictures, and allows anyone who cares to see the world through her eyes.
Tila is currently a digital designer at the Metropolitan Republic and a photographer at The Star South Africa.

Feast upon a couple of photography work by Tila Nomvula and see her video below:

Tila Nomvula Photography - face

Tila Nomvula Photography

Tila Nomvula Photography - Broom maker

Tila Nomvula Photography - Broom maker

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