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6 Things You Should Do Everyday To Become Smarter

By August 14, 2017 2 Comments

Precise and truthful answer by Rida Khan, (B.Sc Social Sciences & Psychology) on Quora to the question, What 10 things should I do every day to become smarter?

Cut back on TV time: Binge-watching shows is a big no-no. You cannot gain anything constructive by spending hours watching shows. Your brain enters into passive mode while watching TV so it’s better for your health to keep it active and occupied with productive activities.

Ted Talk: Watch a Ted talk daily. There is a lot that you can learn from smart people who have brilliant ideas and discoveries to share. There are talks that range between 5–20 minutes so choose one everyday. By the end of the month, you would have benefited more.

Research: Get into the habit of finding out about stuff on your own. Research extensively on the internet about topics that interest you and about how stuff works. You can use Google Scholar for authentic information. Learn something new everyday, dedicate at least 30 mins to it. Also, share your knowledge and teach it to others as you learn more by doing/execution/implementation.

Reading: As always mentioned, reading is important and healthy for your aging brain. Whether it is a book, newspaper article or articles online, for instance, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest & Narrative Magazine, Success Magazine, New York Times, Time Magazine, make it a daily habit. Furthermore, look up new words in the dictionary. Download a good dictionary app and it would be less time-consuming to find the meaning of unfamiliar words/expressions. Oprah Winfrey once mentioned that she always preferred reading a book than watching TV.

Reduce social media usage: Just like TV, limit the amount of time using social media. That time can better be spent watching a Ted talk or reading.

Exercise: It can be as simple as taking a walk, helps clear your head and think. It also significantly lowers your chances of degenerative diseases. If done continually, it keeps you in shape, good health and maintains your appearance. Moreover, eat to live, not the other way around!

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Read Rida Khan‘s answer to What 10 things should I do every day to become smarter? on Quora


  • Kay says:

    Hi, I came appreciate this read. I found you looking for ways to post an interview I did with a manufacturer (which was helpful) but I went to your home page and this article was the latest. Since starting my blog, I found that TV has provided me with a BUNCH of time. I try to find balance with only watching the television shows that provide value.
    So, I went from watching about 10 shows weekly down to 2-3. There has been a few quality shows that I’ve been able to get into and I make time for them.
    Also, reading. It’s very important. Just recently, I realized that I was buying tons of books from Amazon but never reading. Now, I’m trying to read like 10 minutes a day-I heard that will get you a book a month. it’s better than 0 books for the year.
    Have a good one.

    • ForCreativeGirls says:

      Thank you so much for reading. And for giving a detailed breakdown of your experience of creating a balance.
      10 minutes a day is good, you’ll move it up over time.

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