The Vega Digital Awards 2023 For Creators & Agencies

The Vega Digital Awards highlights the vital role of digital pioneers in an ever-changing digital landscape.

The award recognizes and celebrates excellence in digital Websites, Video, Mobile, Social, Animation, Marketing, and Podcasts – across local and international.

Vega celebrates the very best brought forth by the world’s digital architects and craftsmen. Since the competition focuses on excellence, it does not matter whether the submission is from a firm or an individual; a professional or an enthusiast; a veteran or a novice – what matters is the work itself, wherein the details, innovation, creativity, and foresight shine brightest.

Vega accepts digital works and projects, which include advertising, design, interactive content, mobile apps, web design/development, and audio/video productions. The competition’s categories are set to be diverse in order to represent digital culture.

Submitted works must be within a two-year window from their creation, for example, 2021 to current competitive year (2023).

Why this competition

Creators often times end up pioneering and expanding existing horizons. Creators in the digital universe are no different, as they lead the pack in a constantly evolving world while directing the discourse of its future.

The Vega team commends the leaders of the digital space. As they push past what is known and adapt to new spaces formed in a perpetually evolving medium, their astute insights make them akin to guiding stars. Truly, they lead the digital age.

Their foray into the unknown rally those who come after, and their unshaking resolve provides respite for those who seek guidance. Do your deeds carve the way for others? If so, join us.

Paint us a path to the future, our leaders of the digital age.

Submission Timelines & Entry fee

Entry Period EARLY BIRD
(Nov 23, 2022 – Jan 6, 2023)
(Jan 7 – Feb 8, 2023)
(Feb 9 – Mar 22, 2023)
(Mar 23 – Apr 26, 2023)
$95 – Single
$175 – Campaign
$115 – Single
$185 – Campaign
$125 – Single
$195 – Campaign
$135 – Single
$205 – Campaign
$75 – Single
$105 – Campaign
$85 – Single
$125 – Campaign
$95 – Single
$135 – Campaign
$105 – Single
$145 – Campaign
$95 – Single
$175 – Campaign
$115 – Single
$185 – Campaign
$125 – Single
$195 – Campaign
$135 – Single
$205 – Campaign
Results Announcement: June 5, 2023

* You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged as such.


  1. REPUTABLE BLIND JUDGING : More than 25 international jurors evaluate your entries every year.
  2. LIFETIME RECOGNITION : Your award-winning entries will earn a lifelong place on the Vega Digital Awards website.
  3. AFFORDABLE ENTRY FEE : Vega Digital Awards keep entry fees low to encourage individual/agency participation.
  4. ADOBE AFFILIATE : Vega Digital Awards is an Adobe Authorized Affiliate.
  5. FEATURED ON MUSE.WORLD : Winners stand to be featured on Muse. World, an international blog for creative inspiration.
  6. SIMPLE SUBMISSION ONLINE : Simple entry steps with online submission only.
  7. PRESTIGE & HONOR: Your name and company will reach new audiences and clients through a Vega Awards win.
  8. GET INTERNATIONAL : Achieve fame, prestige, and recognition when you win the Vega Awards.

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