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This Shanghai-Based Visual Artist Has A Beautiful Fetish For Things Round, Flabby & Fat

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Flabjacks is how unstressed and laidback they are like they have no care in the world. The second thing you’ll notice is how rotund they are. After that you begin to see that they wear the most minimalist dressing ever, coupled with the lineup of colours (mostly two).
Then you’ll get incredibly curious about the creator of these creatures/characters and you’ll go stalk more and more of her work, find out that she is Ton Mak from Shanghai and she is a total badass.

Ton Mak is an illustrator, creative strategist, and a professional doodler. She has a fetish for all things round, flabby and fat and loves elephant seals, root vegetables, and moles.
Ton Mak creates all kinds of visual art content and creative concepts. Sometimes she makes products; things that you can poke, hug or just simply hang out with in the likes of bean bags, plush toys, soft vinyl toys, and various practical stuff in life.
Her iconic creature/character, Flabjacks, have a curiously ambiguous face, a rotund body, and exotically contrasting personalities. Very often they have moles on their faces too.
Flabjacks wear red lipstick, with double chins and contrasting personalities.


stroke kitchen tiles slowly when feeling blue ☄ #PansyInPants

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she never skips abs day #PansyInPants

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spread jam evenly stay focus don’t let anyone tell you otherwise #PansyInPants

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☔️ #FlabsUp4Grabs

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Secret Sauce Queen #FlabsUp4Grabs #nosaucenolife

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