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Why I Love The Girls Of Stranger Things! | Gbemi Lolade

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El (Eleven)
El enters the room, sees it a mess, proceeds to fix it. Looks at what she thinks she just fixed and considers it bullshit (not worth fixing) then proceeds to take a deep breath, carries her bag and then move on.
El (short for Eleven) is one of the best people in the world right now to me. She is courageous, searching, true to her friends and holds on to her values, even in the face of intense pressure.
Just the kind of person I’d like to be when I grow up (mind you I’m 30. Lol)
What I love about El the most is her ability to move on when she realizes, she’s in the wrong place, moment or ‘friendship. I love how she picks herself up,
The moment in episode 7 of Stranger Things when she said, ‘I’m going home’ was so beautiful!
I love the intensity of her emotions. She wears her emotions with a pride that is not tainted by the world’s view of ‘women are emotional’. Just the way I’m beginning to learn to wear my emotions. Like a strong, big Asodara headband.

Will’s mom, Joyce.
She enters a room sees it all a mess, calls one of her sons or her friend and proceeds to fix it together with them.
Will’s mom is an incredibly inspiring woman! She’s fragile and sturdy at the same time, like a nimble tree whose roots have gone deep and cannot be easily forgotten.
I love how she allows love & light into her life, even though she is afraid.
I love how she doesn’t give up, doesn’t cringe/shy away when she hears no.
I love the moment in episode 8 of Stranger Things when she decides that the monster needed to be destroyed, and played a pivotal role in the exorcism.

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Mad Max
Maxine enters a room, sees all the seats taken, proceeds to carve a seat for herself and then sits down with a look that says “I’m here now, I dare you to chase me.”
Max is such a fierce, fiery girl whose intellect and curiosity matches the color of her hair. She’s a smasher of records and the kind of girl I wish I was when I was 15. She knows when to tell you to fuck off and when to open up.
Even though she constantly deals with the wrath of her abusive step-brother, Max understands the power and beauty of friendship/having a support system.
I love her intellect. I love her innately curious and adventurous flair.
I love her no ‘hidden agenda’ pompousness. She added a wonderful glow to this season of Stranger Things.

Nancy enters a room, sees it all messed up and everyone acting unconcerned. She joins everyone to fit in for a long while, then finds that she can’t take everyone’s pretense and slowly begins to make up her mind to fight for her truth.
Nancy is the girl I was for about 10 years of my life.
Some people act quickly. Some other people, acting/taking action has to grow on them.
I love Nancy because she reminds me of me.
I love Nancy because when she wakes up, she goes all out.
I love Nancy because she sort of understands diplomacy in the quietude of her life. She exudes warmth and gracefulness.
I love the moment in episode 5 of Stranger Things when she decided to go all out in search of the truth.

I love the girls of Stranger Things.
These girls are who I am, who I was, who I want to be.

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