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Wonderland of the Visual & Auditory: The Experience of Gabriella Mussurakis’ Work

By August 9, 2020 No Comments

Gabriella Mussurakis work is what I call an experience! At first, overview what you’ll perceive is a foray into the surreal, like you stumbled into a Wonderland of sorts, with characters, presence and colours coming alive in interesting ways.

As an illustrator, Gabriella Mussurakis’ work explores the auditory and visual experience of the musical scene – specifically of London. This is true of the captivating and illusory way in which her work draws you in. Most illustrations captivate the visual sense, but Gabriella’s work has found a way to engage both the visual and auditory just by peeking at it. She has successfully used the visual to enthral the auditory, like an earworm.

In a conversation with her, when we asked what inspires her, she points out her intrigue with live music, as her work is generally “inspired by live music and the extravagant fashion that people wear, specifically in London. Being a UAL graduate I like to carry a free-thinking ethos and out of the box visuals to create unique illustrations. I find it truly inspiring being surrounded by many creatives following their dreams and aspirations and push me to do the same as well.”

Gabriella is an Illustrator, Artworker & Animator originally from Crete, Greece, and currently based in London.

Her work is the queen of badassery!

Follow Gabriella Mussurakis on Instagram and her Website.

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