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Wool, Yarn & The Loveliness Of Crocheting: A Look At Elizabeth Adedeji’s World

By October 16, 2017 No Comments

Don’t you just love it when a big bundle of yarn is recreated into a solid piece of fashion item or anything that bellows ‘hey there. I’m from the crocheting-wizarding world’? Crocheted things are like pieces of worn poetry – the texture, the beauty of the handmade and the delight of those tiny gaping holes are like wormholes into another reality.
Elizabeth Adedeji is of the universe of them that work the Crocheting magic. She has a Crocheting online store called 21 Wool Street (such a befitting vintage name). Her work is fun, chic with a side of Quirky. She makes really cool crocheting.
Here are a couple of our favourites:


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