360 Creative Hub Is Hiring For Positions In Marketing & Growth and Community & Partnership

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Marketing & Growth

• Plan and develop marketing/Growth strategies

• Fill the workspace with customers – Using Sales, Marketing (Traditional and Digital Marketing), and communications Skills

• Manage the workspace- using quality customer service, customer retention, operations, and PR skills.

• Constantly apply practicable knowledge of Sales, Marketing, and Communications to ensure brand awareness and top-of-mind customer perspective, viable product patronage, and, ultimately, positive effect on the bottom line.

• Communicate with target audience and cultivate customer relationships.

• Produce creative and well thought out content

• Organize and attend events that attract desirable opportunities for the company.

• Conduct market research to increase sales and customer satisfaction

• Develop and grow key relationships with all stakeholders

• Work on all communication and marketing materials, marketing campaigns & marketing strategies internally and externally

• Analyse sales figures, customers reactions and market trends to anticipate product needs and plan product ranges/stock

Community and Partnership

• Community Ecosystem Engagement. Deliver Community engagements and engagement materials

• Define a community-building strategy for the organization.

• Develop and execute strategies to expand the pool of prospective donors/funders and create connections that lead to sustained partnerships with a special focus on building corporate partnerships.

• The Manager will take a lead role and oversee the implementation of all activities relevant to the PPP process cycle, including building partnerships with financial institutions, both with banks and non-traditional institutions, such as private equity, venture capital, and impact investors, completing preliminary analysis of potential projects, conducting and supporting due diligence efforts (technical, financial, and legal), negotiation, financial closings, and to monitoring & evaluation, after start of development

• Establish and cultivate a pipeline of opportunities to build or extend the brand

• Explore new initiatives that will drive revenue growth

• Identify potential partnerships and prepare sales propositions with supporting business cases for 360Creative and Idozi Collective Team

• Managing the process from discussion through to contract

• Identify, plan and execute up-sell opportunities for existing partners and providers

• Develop strategies for brand recognition & reach, brand integrity, commercial opportunities, growth and development

• Represent the organization at conferences, create opportunities to engage with relevant partners, organize/deliver Meetups.

• Develop clear, actionable strategies around KPIs and how to achieve them.

• Build relationships with existing and potential customers, industry professionals, and the media

• Set and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies

• Stay up-to-date on new products, features, and digital technology trends.

• Organize and participate in events to build community and boost brand awareness

• Respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner

• Monitor and report on feedback and customer reviews.

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