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Afoma Umesi’s Photo Sessions Are The Real Definition Of Ethereal

Afoma Umesi I For Creative Girls FeaturePlaying with light, flowers and water elements, Afoma Umesi takes her photo sessions into a world that is so unreal, you feel yourself being pulled into the photographs. In this world her characters seem to possess and tilt these elements of nature to flow with them, you can actually imagine them taking over spaces and kingdoms of nature – there is a delicate boldness that is enthralling in Afoma’s photography!

Happy hump day!

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Some people are really just too beautiful. Here’s an example ✨✨

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Afoma Umesi is a photographer and final year medical student with a love for reading and writing. She greatly enjoys nature and the outdoors and considers myself a food enthusiast. She is happiest talking to people about God and His purpose, finding the perfect light for my photos and sitting with a cup of mint tea at the end of each day. Follow her work on Instagram and Twitter, and binge on her blog.

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