Afritondo Short Story Prize 2022

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For as long as we could think, humans have wondered about the world, about life, about our very essence. How are we here? More importantly, why are we here? What is it beyond what we can see that gives us a purpose?

Spirituality encompasses a vast array of concepts from internal/personal reflections to traditional/religious practices, and everything in-between. As always, we want to be surprised and thoroughly entertained, so feel free to play around and be creative with the theme. A good story for this prize will offer unique insight into the theme and explore characters in refreshing and imaginative ways.

Theme: Spirituality

The winner will receive a cash prize of $1000. Four other shortlisted writers will get $100 each. The longlist will be published in an anthology.

Deadline: December 15, 2021.

This year’s edition will be judged by Pemi Aguda (Chair, Nigeria), Masande Ntshanga (South Africa), and Natasha Omokhodion-Banda (Zambia).

Read the entry guidelines here: https://www.afritondo.com/terms-and-guidelines-2022

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