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Aisha Mohammed Reinterprets Van Gogh’s Floral Paintings with Black Women

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This is one of our favourite art projects of the 1st quarter of 2018 – the reimagination of Van Gogh paintings with Black Girl Magic! From the playful black woman to the soulful black woman, to the black woman in beautiful friendship, Aisha Mohammed depicts the Van Gogh’s floral paintings with the truest and magical of characters – the black woman.
Being a black woman isn’t just a theory and phenomenon of pseudo-realism as some like to depict us in their subjected narrative. This interpretation of Van Gogh’s work brings out the beauty of how real and alive black women are. We love how Aisha took these floral paintings and turned them into narratives of the humanity, beauty, and boldness of black women.

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A post shared by 🌸 (@artsyblackheaux) on

Aisha Mohammed is one amazing artist who knows how to create new narratives that connect different parts of ideas together as depicted not just in this series, but in other series of Art that she has done. We always look forward to everything she makes.

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