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Serah Johnson’s Cover of Bridgerton’ s Lady Whistledown and Latest Animation, MOJI

Few artists manage to leave their mark across such diverse mediums as Serah Johnson, but her talent for impressions, cover and voice overs is undeniably refreshing!

Check out the playful yet spot-on cover of Lady Whistledown.


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No doubt Lady Whistledown, the mysterious and all-seeing narrator of the popular series “Bridgerton,” voiced to perfection by Julie Andrews, is a character beloved by millions. But Serah Johnson’s impression captures the wit, charm, and authority of Lady Whistledown , offering fans a delightful homage to a character who has become a cultural touchstone. Her ability to channel such a distinctive voice speaks volumes about her range as a performer, bringing that joy and a touch of Regency elegance to her audience.

Johnson’s latest project, MOJI, is definitely something to celebrate. The passion for storytelling, the crisp quality, the cultural representation, it’s transcendent! Collaborating with the innovative Xane Studios for over two years, Johnson has clearly poured her heart and soul into this animated series. MOJI is not just a show; it’s a cultural milestone for Nigerian animation, bringing stories and characters to life that resonate deeply with local audiences.

MOJI clearly represents a significant leap for the Nigerian animation industry, offering characters and narratives that reflect the country’s rich cultural tapestry. Johnson’s enthusiasm is infectious as she shares her excitement about the pilot episode airing in May. This project isn’t just entertainment; it’s a platform for representation, allowing viewers to see themselves and their stories in a medium often dominated by foreign narratives. Johnson’s call to action is clear: she urges everyone to share MOJI far and wide. Her passion for the project underscores the importance of community support in bringing Nigerian stories to a global audience. By asking fans to share MOJI with friends and even “enemies,” Johnson cleverly underscores the universal appeal and importance of the series.


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Serah Johnson’s journey from Regency impressions and cover to pioneering Nigerian animation, MOJI highlights her incredible creative range.  As the pilot episode of MOJI prepares to air, Johnson stands at the forefront of a movement that celebrates cultural diversity and the power of storytelling.

Serah Johnson is not just entertaining audiences; she is helping to shape the future of animation and voice artistry. Her work ensures that new generations will see themselves in the characters and stories that grace their screens, making history in the process.

As we eagerly anticipate the premiere of MOJI, let’s celebrate the creativity and dedication of artists like Serah Johnson. Share the news, spread the word, and tune in to witness a new chapter in animation history. Something big is indeed coming, and it’s a story we all need to be a part of.

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