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Culture-Inspired Laser Cut Earrings by Dotun Abeshinbioke

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The Ilari is one of the most important hair instruments in an African household. Growing up the Ilari (also called cutting comb) was a sign of new hairdo on the way or new style of ‘parking’ your hair. We grew up going to make our hair with the cutting comb in our hands. This Ilari symbol was what caught my eye when I saw Spot by Dots Earrings – nicely and sharply cut earrings that carry their own narratives. The array of Ilari laser cut earrings led me to the Spot by Dots website where I entered into a wonderland of narrative-driven earrings.

#spotted layering our pieces for an even bolder look!✨

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Spot is a design label that currently specializes in laser-cut earrings – the result of a school project that prompted to use the laser cutting machine to create. Dotun Abeshinbioke, was determined to combine her love for fashion with this new found resource and decided to work with a new material, acrylic sheets. From this, a series of earrings was created that had been designed in Illustrator to laser cut.
Spot is a jewelry brand that aims to redefine using unconventional materials and hand-crafted elements, inspired by African heritage and culture – reminding us of Aṣọ Dára, the Headpiece fashion brand built from Yoruba Heritage.

SPOT draws from African culture to inspire its pieces and aims to combine this with modern styles and techniques for creating.
The bold nature of SPOT pieces guarantees anyone who wears them to be #SPOTTED – leaving their mark wherever they go, which in turn globalizes SPOT’s take on culture and style as it relates to Africa and the Western World.

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