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Montreal-based Mixed Media Artist, Aissa Diallo Uses Fabric Patterns To Promote Selflove

By November 29, 2017 No Comments

Art that juxtaposes different elements to portray a compelling narrative is one of the most fascinating wonders of this world. This is why we have the utmost respect for multidisciplinary/mixed media artists because we think their minds are incredibly powerful. Coming across the art and design of Aissa Diallo is, therefore, a fulfilling thing.
Aissa Diallo is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist living in Montreal. She works mainly in mixed media such as digital illustration, printmaking, and acrylic painting. Using bold colors, African fabric patterns, and textured hair design, she infuses empowering messages for self-love, self-care and mostly taking control of your own narrative in her art. 
Aissa is keen on making sure that women all over the world, and black women especially find security in themselves – “I feel, that as a black woman myself, there is still a lack of representation of our reality and fight for our feminism. Being pro-black never meant being anti-anything or anyone else.
I just want black woman mainly, but any woman actually, to feel empowered by who they are and just know that they are capable of painting the town red by being unapologetically themselves!”
Born and raised in Guinea, Aissa Diallo is currently based and living in Montreal.

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