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Areeba Siddique’s Art Is For People Who Dare To Be Different

Areeba Siddique is not your typical human. Her art, life, and writing beckon you to come out of your hiding place and be proud of your strange weirdness. If there was a kingdom for sassy, courageous, stand-tall-in-your-difference people, Areeba would be wearing the superhero cape there. She is absolutely amazing!
We discovered her work and blog – Not Your Type, through Zeba Talkhani, and we’ve been stalking her since then. Areeba Siddique is a feminist who keeps culture close & religion closer. She loves reading and writing. She makes art, studies art and thinks art is very important. She sometimes does embroidery, as well as illustrate, design and a doodle a lot. In her own words, she says “I never rely on others for my happiness, I create it, sometimes in my head, sometimes in real life.” Don’t you just love her?! Areeba Siddique Not Your Type Blog
Areeba’s blog, Not Your Type, is a voice for everyone who dares to be different. Covering art, human beings, trash youth, emotions, culture, women empowerment and words, settled in the city of lights, her blog will tell about every story she lives, books she comes across, creativity & art, heartbreaks, living with traditions in 21st century and fictional people that are a part of her life.
We love how Areeba wears her courage and religion boldly without apologies, encouraging others to be bold too.

Muslim of instagram #areebadrawsthings

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We asked Areeba what spurs her on and she gave us an inspiring list of women that inspire and influence her.
Other creative women have a huge impact on my own creativity. Dina Tokio, Tavi Gevinson, Lorde, Warsan Shire and my twin sister Noor Unnahar. These women are my beacon of light. They NEVER fail to inspire me.

translation: oh Allah, save me from the fire (jahannum)

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On the one thing she’d like to change in this world and impact upon:
Tolerance. If I was given a superpower to fix something in the world, I’d change intolerance among people (which is spreading too fast these days)

if I ever start a magazine, this would be the first cover ever, starring my alter ego Ree

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Areeba’s favorite quote is from Gone Girl – “I am overachieving at aimlessness, I am a type-A, alpha-girl lollygagger, the leader of a gang of heartbroken kids, running wild across this lonely strip of amusements, each of us smarting from the betrayals of a loved one.

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