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Alicia Robinson’s Art Is Pure Magic

Alicia Robinson’s art will knock your caps off! Her illustrations and animations are pure dope mixed with softness. She portrays black women in her graceful art with all the raw and edgily robust details that are absolutely magical. We are super-grateful we found her work – it is medicine for the heart.
Alicia Robinson is currently pursuing a senior Animation Major with an Illustration Concentration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. With these two interests, she knows she’ll able to combine her imaginative thinking and enthusiasm for inclusive storytelling to bring diverse characters to life. Her work has a comedic, playful and kid-friendly theme.
In an interview with Gritty Vibe, Alicia Robinson described her proudest moment in a way that made our hearts melt:
“So far, my proudest accomplishment as an artist is creating an animated film for NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center. I recently had the opportunity to take a class at my school where students collaborate with NASA scientist to create films inspired by their research. I’m very proud of this because I never thought I’d work with NASA in my career as an artist and work with awesome people to make this awesome project. Some people have this preconceived notion that you don’t have many options in the arts field and my experience shows that you really can do anything no matter how many people discourage you.”

These are a couple of her work: Alicia Robinson Rihanna and Lupita

Alicia Robinson hair gif

Alicia Robinson Head scarves

Alicia Robinson Alarm

Alicia Robinson Hers

Go immerse yourself in her art on her website. Follow her on Tumblr and Instagram

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