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Amanda Madumere Is Documenting Living Stories In South-Eastern Nigeria

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Amanda Madumere is currently documenting daily life & living stories in South-eastern Nigeria in black and white. Black and white is such a wonderful inter-parallel choice as if to depict the major events of a life/lifestyle with the dilutes of grainy details that other colours will pop into one’s subconscious. We love how Amanda is stamping history into the current and modern life affairs of people living in the South-eastern Nigeria.

Maybe this is the story of Onyero, the middle aged man who owns the empty plot of land behind this fence; and how he has, on very many occasions, walked in on a pair of teenage lovers who have subconsciously marked his empty plot of land as that secret spot where they come to make PEACE with their urges after school hours. Maybe this is the story of a middle aged man who purchased a small tin of oil paint, knowing the difference between the words Peace and Piss. Maybe this is the story of a middle aged man who struck his paint brush against this wall, believing that the word Peace should have been a verb(just like I, too, do). But first, your inner stickler will come out to roar. Tell me what you think. #HypotheticalBackstories #StreetFinds #EverydayNigeria #StreetPhotography #amandamadumere

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