Apply To Àlọ́ Writers Initiative

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Àlọ́ is an international writers initiative aiming to discover up-and-coming writers and their unique story ideas that pay homage to Africa’s cultures, diversity, heritage and people. Writers are invited to submit their materials and apply for a chance to be selected as a finalist to enter into a series development deal with EbonyLife Media and Sony Pictures Television.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to receive a fee of $7,500 and enter into a series development deal with Sony Pictures Television and EbonyLife under the Àlọ́ Initiative. Once completed the projects will be pitched to major international broadcasters for their consideration to potentially be made into TV series. See the FAQ and Official Rules for complete details of the fees and terms of the Development Deal.

Writers who apply can reside in any of the eligible countries but must be of African heritage. The Initiative is only open to legal citizens and/or legal permanent residents and/or first generation children of legal citizens of one or more of the fifty-four countries of the African continent. See the FAQ and Official Rules for complete application requirements and eligibility.

Read here for application details.

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