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Want to Overcome the Barriers of Getting Women Educated? These 5 Tips Could Help

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Today more girls are being encouraged to go to school. Every woman has the human right to be educated like anyone else. However, women and girls continue to face a lot of obstacles and barriers based on gender and its intersections with other factors, such as age, poverty, and disability.
Getting women educated and living better lives is to give equal access to career development, continuing education, and vocational training, and should be considered her human right.
So, here are some ways to overcome discriminating barriers and help foster education for the girl child:

Showing interest in being educated and how it’ll help in improving the community around
Showing interest in getting educated and desiring to change the community around you is a great way to show how education is important for the community and how the woman’s power could change the world around her.
So, if you get a chance to submit your portfolio to different associations for getting a better education, do not hesitate in submitting your application with your motivation letter to inform your right in being educated.

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Parents involvement
In some countries, girls do not have enough motivation to learn or get educated because parents discourage them from getting high-quality education, forcing them to work and make money! More than 250 million children between 5 and 14 form part of the labor force in developing countries, according to the ILO (International Labor Organization) leaving education and working full time and the rest combine employment with attending school.
For overcoming issues like this, there is a need to give parents some training and sessions to get their children engaged in school and understand more about their children rights and the importance of being educated. 

The possibility of accessing open source education
A lot of countries face problems of having a very low-quality education. There are no resources that could help in getting good educational experiences! However, thanks to the internet and amazing technology, a lot of students learn from different universities around the world online through (MOOCs = Massive Open Online Courses). This new method allows different learners to learn anything at any time from any place. All you need to have is a computer/tablet/smartphone and internet connection, then enjoy your journey in learning online.

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Search for a variety of multimedia and modalities
It`s not a good idea to depend on one source only to get educated. You, therefore, need to search for various educational methods to have better learning experiences.
You can help yourself by creating new learning methods, like discovering an entertaining method that you would like to use e.g creating the most liked learning designs on Photoshop, etc. This will help you in getting new experiences and having fun while learning new different things.

Have a clear plan for the future
By having a plan for your future and how education will help in achieving it, this makes you enthusiastic, ambitious and being eager to get educated to the max. Do not be rushed, always take your time in thinking about how you can build your future by yourself!

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