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Going Back to School? These Tips Will Help You Settle in Fast | Soukaina Tachfouti

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It is that time of the year again!!
Some of you may be excited to be going back to school, some not so much. Don’t worry if you fall in the second range, I can relate.
Going back to school can be a little bit challenging and intimidating, most students face some trouble when starting a new year.
Here are four little tips that will make the transition from summer to the fast-paced school days a little easier. Going Back to School - These Tips Will Help You Settle in Fast 2

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1. Set your year goals
Knowing what you want and where you are headed to is the key to success, so align your semester/yearly goals beforehand; add everything you would like to achieve – is it applying to the university, getting an internship or fellowship…include it all.
This way you will stay focused and determined.

Going Back to School - These Tips Will Help You Settle in Fast 2

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2. Manage your time
Yes, you hear it all the time, but believe me, it is very, very important when going back to school.
Finding the balance between personal, family and school time can be a major struggle, so have a calendar or a planner where you can map out the deadlines, assignments due dates, social events and anything else.
This way you will keep track of everything and will use your time wisely.

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3. Extracurricular
Try something new, join a club and if you don’t find one that matches your interest create one that does, start volunteering or sign up for a new sport.
Extracurricular is a very effective way to develop new skills and forge new friendships. Not only that, but they also boost your resume.
So don’t be shy and get out of your comfort zone.

4. Be Positive
And lastly, enjoy every moment because truly your school years are the best years of your life; school is the place where you get to gain new knowledge, experience different situations and build friendships that last forever. So don’t let it slip away from your hands! Grasp every second of it.

Soukaina TachfoutiSoukaina Tachfouti is a lover of Art and Literature based in Morocco. An avid learner who is eternally curious, Soukaina is currently studying Aerospace Engineering.
She is very passionate about quality education, gender equality, and women’s rights issues. And she loves volunteering and giving back to her community. In her free time, she plays the violin and reads.






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