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Meditation on Self-Awareness: Biance Alebiosu’s Portrait Series

Biance Alebiosu is a freelance photographer and visual artist whose works navigates through experiences of love, grief, betrayal and hope as an introverted queer Nigerian-American woman.

Naturally introspective and curious, she developed a keen eye for detail growing up on the Southside of Chicago. Her attentiveness to the stillness in a hectic environment enables her to capture the essence of a moment and remind the viewer there is beauty all around in ordinariness.

Biance believes that, “There is an innate need for stillness in our everyday life that gets dwarfed by our busy lives. Being able to stop for a second breaks us out of that monotonous routine and permits us a moment of contemplation. My work places prominence on the mundane details that encompasses so much beauty that gets overlooked. These details are always within arm’s reach and accessible. Much of what I capture holds me in that moment of discovery and centers me.”

She also writes micro-poems and short prose on unrequited love and liberation in sexuality, skin and forgiveness on her Tumblr.

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Her recent work, Evolving Self-Portrait Series, has been centered meditative practices in self-awareness. also reconciling environment with authentic self, kinship and traumatic experiences in street harassment.

The installations are:

The Art Lies in the Ritual: Provisions

biance 5

“The beauty of photography is that it is used to capture, document and reveal hidden truths of a singular moment. In my practice I have seen how a single photograph can illicit varied responses from people in different walks of life. The Art Lies in the Ritual: Provisions is a part of an evolving self-portrait series manifested as a result of meditative practices in self-awareness. I have often used photography as a tool to understand the world around me and so my self-portrait series are centered on how I began to navigate the spirit within me. Throughout these sessions, I have gained a deeper understanding of where my beliefs lie and ultimately confronting unresolved matters that held me back sacredly. Provisions set the tone for a lengthy study in connecting the Self with Spirit which led to my healing.”


biance 4

“StressHiveScars is an examination into the frailty of a black woman’s sensuality. Each pose reveals aspects of being vulnerable, daring and unencumbered in her own sexuality. The scars reflect past emotional trauma as well as future promises to love the skin she’s in. Since being born in this body, I’ve had to reclaim what is rightfully mine, internally and externally. From my father to predators and lovers, my body has always been viewed as property to shelter, police, abuse and mistreat.

StressHiveScars is a declaration, communicated through images, of what couldn’t be passed through tightly clasped lips: my body is mine to give and a gift that has been placed onto my Self by the Creator.”

Amaurotic Acord

biance 1

“Let’s start.
First we’re going to literally pick at our insecurities. Through words. Through flesh. Through pain.
This skin is yours. Yours to treat, heal, or devastate after all.
The low hills on your thighs will erupt in lucent peaks with just enough pressure.
Cross both arms and pull away with your nails.
Do you feel that? Can you feel?
You’re still alive. Your body can still heal itself.
After each blow there’s a mark. After each attack, you still expand with air. After each breath, you still bleed.
A sting here, a red blot growing through the shirt there…
There isn’t any other way to this.
You are irrefutably present.
That’s all for now.”


biance 2

“Fractured explores the process of re-sensitizing after numbness, after surviving trauma and heartbreak.”

Read and view more of her works on her website Misturaseyeful and on Instagram.

All images courtesy of Biance.

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