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13 Creative Gift Ideas this 2021

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There’s no better way to show how we value someone by presenting them with a unique gift. A well-thought-out present can do more than just put a smile on a receiver’s face. It can remind a loved one of how we feel toward them. A gift can pave the way for mending a kink in the relationship or to ask for forgiveness after a major slip-up.

Getting something for your family members, partner, or close friends doesn’t make gift-giving any easier. Try keying in, “great gift ideas for moms” and you’ll see a barrage of items that your mother needs (and wants), adding up to the confusion.  

That said, gift-giving is often a hit-and-miss thing, and choosing a worthwhile present for a person who seems to have everything is nothing short of mind-numbing. 

Spending time to personalize your gift may be the solution, and these stand-out gifts have the potential to tug at your receivers’ heartstrings. So, gather your craft supplies stash, glue gun, and scissors. Take all the creativity and patience you can muster to come up with these easy-to-pull-off creative gift ideas.  13 Creative Gift Ideas This 2021


  •  Reed Diffuser Gift Set. Self-care should be one of our priorities in these trying times. Give your favorite person a chance to relax in style by creating a reed diffuser from a small glass vessel that you can spruce up with our stash of art materials. Stick in some reed diffusers and complete the set with essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, and peppermint, among other scents, that appeal to your receiver.     
  • Jazzed- up Cellphone Case. Gather all the buttons, stickers, and other artsy stuff to spruce up a phone case you just bought at a store. If you want to cut our time in half, get a washi tape. This way, your receiver can get a one-of-a-kind design from an otherwise common phone cover. 
  • Chocolate Bouquets. Sweets and flowers; we can’t seem to get enough of them, right? But, chocolates that’re shaped to look like a flower bouquet? Whoever thought of this is a genius. Make your favorite person drool and admire the beauty of this delectable sweet treat. Find a whole array of bouquets to choose from at shops like Chocolate Bouquets. Then create your own gift tag for that personalized touch.
  • Marbled Multi-purpose Dish. Combine colorful pieces of clay and bake them to create your very own dish to store jewelry and other thingamajigs.   
  • Embroidered Handkerchiefs. Make your loved one’s hankies more interesting by sewing funny quotes and sayings on these block-colored cloth wipers. If it gets too complicated, just stitch your receiver’s pet name. Or knock your receiver’s socks off, quite literally, by stitching easy-to-make design patterns on socks that you can buy online or at physical stores.  
  • Succulent Box. Whether a plant-lover or not, your receiver will appreciate you presenting them with something that’s “alive”.  Succulents neatly placed in a box aren’t only aesthetically pleasing, but taking care of plants can actually ease stress and may help filter indoor air.  
  • Painted Wooden Bowls. Have your crafty friend or yourself paint a pattern on that wooden bowl you just bought for gifting to family members and friends. They’ll remember you for sure the next time they use the bowl for storing nuts and appetizers. 
  • Quote-bearing Pillows. If your friends need some picking up, consider adding an embroidered powerful quote to a pillowcase. Add a photo (yours or your receiver’s) to add a personal touch. Whoever receives your pillow will always remember you the next time he or she lays his head on this fluffy sleep essential.    
  • Baked Goodies. No one can resist baked goodies, especially your sweet-toothed friends. Bake cupcakes, cookies, or cakes, and add in a personal message. Add some fresh berries, whipped cream, and syrup for your most attractive pastry yet.  
  • Knitted warmers. Winter is coming. So, help your favorite person get all prepped up by knitting scarves or blankets. These pieces are versatile, but work really well in keeping your receiver warm and cozy, kind of like the way you feel when they’re sitting next to you. 
  • Personalized Mugs. Who doesn’t love coffee? Give your family members their own mugs designed according to their taste. You can also have their photo printed on these beverage holders for a more personalized touch.      
  • Washi Tape Mirror. Got friends who can’t live without a mirror? Make them feel more beautiful by decorating mirrors with a washi tape. Snag several colors and layer them around to come up with a cool design.   
  • DIY Accessory. Present your friend with what will surely be his or her next favorite accessory by putting together a fancy earring, bracelet, or necklace. All you need is elastic nylon, soft wire, beads and birthstone, or leather and studs, to make an artsy piece. 

13 Creative Gift Ideas This 2021

Wrapping Up

The best gift is one that stands out, making your receiver feel the love better. Knowing that you spent a great deal of time thinking about and sprucing up your present enhances your value to the receiver’s eyes even without a great deal of money involved.


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