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Remote Work: A Blessing or a Curse for Women?

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There is no doubt that remote work has many benefits. It allows people to work from home, it can help reduce traffic congestion, and it can save companies money on office space. However, there are also some drawbacks to remote work, especially for women. This article will discuss the pros and cons of remote work for women.

Benefits Of Remote Work

Remote work has been increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason, as it has many good sides. Employers have started realizing the benefits of a virtual team as a huge perk and a money-saving way to do business. Women can especially benefit from this kind of arrangement for multiple reasons. Here are some of them.

Remote Work - A Blessing or a Curse for Women 2

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Easy To Get Ready

It will take a lot less time to get ready for your workday when you don’t have to worry about putting on makeup, doing your hair, or picking out the perfect outfit. You can save all of that time for yourself in the morning, or use it to get some extra sleep. Either way, you’ll be starting your day off on the right foot.

Of course, there are days when you might want to dress up a bit more than usual. Maybe you have a video call with an important client, or you’re giving a presentation to your team. On those days, it’s easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a nice top and still look put-together. 

Less Stressful 

It’s certainly less stressful being able to work from home, or anywhere for that matter. No need to worry about what to wear or how you look. You can just focus on getting the job done well. 

You don’t need to hurry to get to work on time or spend money on gas. You can just roll out of bed, have some breakfast and start working in your pajamas if you want to. 

You also don’t need to worry about being interrupted by colleagues dropping by your desk or making small talk in the kitchen. 


Remote work is flexible in many ways. Here they are:

  • You can take work with you wherever you go
  • You can design your own office
  • Set your own hours
  • Work around your family’s schedule
  • Take a break whenever you want
  • Choose your own hours

Flexibility is one of the main reasons people love working remotely. It allows you to have control over your time in a way that traditional work doesn’t.  And for women, flexibility is often a key ingredient to success. 

More Autonomy

Once you set up your perfect home office, you’ll be much more autonomous. You can take more breaks when you need them, work the hours that suit you best, and really make your space your own. Of course, more autonomy also comes with more responsibility. 

Working from home can be a great way to get ahead without sacrificing your personal life. Just be sure to set some ground rules for yourself so that you don’t get too comfortable in your newfound freedom! 

Disadvantages Of Remote Work 

However, there are certain disadvantages for women who decided to work from home instead of in the office. Many find it difficult to adjust to these arrangements, or simply feel more comfortable when they’re at work with other people. Here are the main cons of working from home for women.


At home, there are various distractions that can get your mind off the work you need to do. These are the following:

  • Kids
  • Pets
  • Social media
  • Household chores
  • Noisy neighbors 
  • Outdoor noises 
  • Bad weather

Distractions can make it difficult for women to focus on work and get things done efficiently. In an office setting, there are usually more distractions, but they are more controlled. For example, you can’t have your kids running around the office or your dog barking in the background during a conference call. 

Lack Of Social Interaction 

While alone time is important, it’s also essential to have your work peers around you for motivation, and inspiration and to keep you accountable. When you work remotely, you lack the social interaction that is so crucial in a healthy workplace environment. 

You might not feel as though you’re part of a team, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. This lack of social interaction can be especially hard on women, who are typically more social creatures than men.

If you’re considering remote work, it’s important to keep in touch with your work friends and to make an effort to socialize outside of work as well. Join a club, or take a class. Make sure you’re getting enough human interaction to stay balanced and healthy.

More Effort To Be Visible 

It’s much harder to get noticed if you’re not physically in the room. And for women, who are often already more invisible than men in work settings, this can be a particular disadvantage. You have to be more strategic and make more of an effort to be seen and heard when you’re working remotely.

One way to combat this is by being more active in online meetings. Make sure your voice is heard and that you’re contributing to the conversation. Another way is to be more proactive in sending updates and staying visible even when you’re not physically in the office. Keep your manager updated on what you’re working on, send out regular status reports, and make sure you’re available for video chats or phone calls when needed.

Fewer Networking Opportunities 

It’s difficult to make connections and network when you’re not in the same physical space as other people. If you want to build relationships with people in your industry, you have to be intentional about it. You can’t just run into someone at the water cooler and start chatting.

However, remote networking isn’t a new concept. Social media has been around for over a decade, and there are plenty of ways to connect with people online. You just have to be more deliberate about it.

Remote work has both its benefits and disadvantages for women. For one, it takes less to get ready and your days are less stressful. It’s also much more flexible and you have a lot more autonomy. However, there will be multiple distractions keeping you from working while not being able to see your work peers all the time. It’s going to take more effort to stay visible if you don’t show up in the office and it’s harder to network online than in live conversation. Try to find the right balance that works for you personally!


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