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Creative Secrets of Brands that Win Instagram Marketing

By October 19, 2022 No Comments

While Instagram is one of the most promising platforms for social media marketing, creating an account and leaving it to chance does not help. You cannot expect it to attract a target audience and foster a community on its own. A proactive approach is essential to achieve your goals and building a fan following sooner than later. In fact, some marketers do better than others because they master the platform with a mix of tried-and-tested strategies and unconventional tactics. You can follow the combination to beat the competitors and establish a robust presence with a thriving community. Let us share a few creative secrets of brands that win Instagram marketing.

Secret #1- Determine your purpose

The lure of Instagram often gets marketers too enthusiastic, and they jump in without enough prep. But winners stand apart because they take a more planned approach by determining their purpose. Consider your business goal, whether you want to build a community, sell products and services, increase brand awareness, or showcase company culture and values. Once you know your goals, it is easy to craft relevant content instead of putting up random posts.

Secret #2- Create a killer profile

Even the most compelling posts will not get you the desired results if you do not have a killer profile. There are no shortcuts to creating it because you must invest in hard work and follow the rules. Fitting the essentials like company description, industry, contact information, and bio link in the profile description limit may be your first challenge. But you can overcome it with a creative approach. Also, stick to your logo, tone of voice, and overall image to ensure consistency.

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Secret #3- Invest in likes

Another secret that sets Instagram winners apart is getting a quick boost for your likes. You cannot expect them to grow exponentially overnight, but getting Instagram Likes can do the trick. You may have some qualms about doing so, but successful brands do it and gain an immense advantage from the strategy. But you must choose only a legit platform with a good reputation instead of picking them from anywhere.

Secret #4- Master your visual aesthetic

This one is an unspoken rule every brand and marketer must follow because Instagram is essentially a visual platform. But mastering your visuals requires a bespoke mindset, as every brand is unique. Let your design branding guidelines inspire you in this context. For example, you can rely on your original color palette, font style, and image templates to create a visual aesthetic consistent with your online and offline persona.

Secret #5- Experiment with content

Another actionable tactic to ace Instagram marketing is to experiment with content. Instagram spoils you for choice when it comes to content types to create compelling posts that hook the audience. Think beyond text and images and leverage videos, stories, reels, and IGTV to extend your reach and engagement. Hashtags give you a winning advantage. You can even follow data and check what works for you to create a winning mix with different content types.

Besides following these secrets, you must stick with the basics like audience interactions and community building. Being consistent will do the rest because it keeps the audience waiting and hooked.


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