A New Cool Community for Fashion Illustrators

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“I have always wanted to connect with fashion illustrators in my local community but somehow I figure that we all have the same trait or almost the same trait. Some of these traits I found in me and figured we have in common.

Aside from being creative, we could be introverts and extroverts at the same time, we just have different percentages of each, mine is 40% and 60% respectively. I can be very playful in a minute and in the next minute I am already thinking about work.

We don’t like leaving our comfort zone except for our loved ones or for adventure’s sake. Fashion Illustrators Circle Community

We love creating but I figured that we could do more if there are ways we could collaborate and share ideas and techniques. You might have an easier way to paint digitally than the technique I have been using throughout my career.

We get discouraged some times when we are not appreciated for our effort. So we lose focus. For instance, when your parents don’t see you as a successful illustrator, it can be very discouraging.

Some of us are shy and don’t know how to present our work to potential clients so we keep hiding in our hole hoping to be found one day.

I can go on and on saying everything we do as an illustrator but complaints can’t solve it which is why i have created this platform called the Fashion Illustrators Circle Africa.”

Deborah Ashan, Founder of FICAfrica

If you would like to be part of this circle kindly click on this link, and follow Illustrative Fashion on Instagram.

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