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Handmade, African Rooted Jewelry by Banji Chona

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Banji Chona - Nkanda - JewelryBanji Chona is an artist whose work manifests across the creative spectrum. She is a writer, creative director, digital curator, jewelry designer, and stylist. A great deal of the entirety of her being is heavily and intricately entwined with the unending roots of her African culture which is embodied in the Jewelry she makes, alongside her diasporan identity. Her work is centered largely around the cultural preservation and promotion of the African aesthetic and narrative.
Her Jewelry line, Nkanda is the output of beautifully preserved and crafted cultural glory.
In African communities, such as her home nation of Zambia, it is often that creativity and expression through art is stifled and thus blossoming artists are in turn silenced and underrepresented not only in their immediate communities but in mainstream media alike. Banji Chona’s artistic goals are largely oriented in facilitating the nurturing/flourishing of positive creative discourses on Mama Africa and her children and thus diversifying the creative sphere.
Nkanda, her Jewelry line is a beautiful outpouring of her artistic intensity.

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