Freelance Concept Artists Needed!

If you love the worlds of fantasy, sci-fi and tabletop miniatures, then this is for you! As a creative and highly skilled concept artists you will work with us on a freelance basis, to help imagine whole new worlds of fantasy and sci-fi into being.

We are also looking for talent to undertake commission work with us for third-party ranges.

Who we are

Dragon’s Forge is a brand new miniature design and 3D printing studio based in the UK, supported by a who’s-who of renowned industry legends from the world’s most successful miniatures companies and talented sculptors from across the globe.

At Dragon’s Forge, we believe that our products should be design-led, prioritizing imagination, uniqueness and flair above market-led box-ticking.

This means that the creatives we work with have a degree of freedom to experiment and push boundaries within the broad parameters of a given brief, and we are always very open to our artists’ ideas or unique takes that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

If you have the talent and all this sounds appealing then we’d love to hear from you.

What we look for

Artists across a range subjects ;
– fantasy
– sci-fi characters
– war machines
– vehicles
– monsters
–  landscapes and architecture.

What we are eager to see

– Examples of character concepts with multiple variations (different faces, hair styles, clothing, accessories, etc),
– Ability to draw in a clear and legible style that can be readily understood by our 3D artists and sculptors and implemented as a 3-dimensional object.

This approach is vital to helping our 3D artists and sculptors come up with different part options for our miniature kits.

If you think that you might be a good fit for Dragon’s Forge Miniatures (and vice-versa), please email a link to your portfolio to – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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