Invision Is Looking For Guest Bloggers

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InVision, the world’s leading prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform is looking for guest bloggers for their blog.
The InVision Blog is being built to be an invaluable resource for the design community and provide a voice to designers who’d like to share their knowledge, show off an amazing project, or teach others a new technique.

They are currently accepting submissions for insightful, original articles. Before you submit, you can spend some time reading their recent articles to get an idea of what we publish.

Here are guidelines
The best submissions are:
Between 1,200 and 2,000 words, with a clear focus on one topic or argument
Written for designers, UXers, developers, freelancers, product managers, and/or people in leadership positions
Bold, interesting, and fun to read
Full of valuable information that helps readers do their job better, learn something, or think differently
Spell-checked and fact-checked, with sources cited (link to them) to back up arguments
Not self-promotional

What to expect after you submit
It might take a week for them to review your submission, and if they think it’s a good fit, they’ll write back to you with feedback and notes. You’ll work closely with the editor, Kristin, to get your article ready to publish. It’s hard work—they take this very seriously and treat it as a design publication, so if you aren’t willing to hear feedback and make revisions, this probably won’t work.

Typically, articles get published about 4-6 weeks after they’re submitted.
Need some help writing your article? Read on!

Define your concept and structure
Your angle and how you present it are up to you, but if you’re providing a number of tips or doing a walkthrough, use numbered sections and reference the number in the post’s title. We don’t want to turn into yet another home of the listicle, but it’s hard to deny that these post types do well. Here’s a handy list of other types of blog posts.

Read the rest of their guideline and workflow.

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