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SFMOMA ‘Designed in California’ Exhibition is an Ode to Digital Revolution

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SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)’s new exhibition is an ode to Design in the age of digital revolution. Exploring the shifting landscape of design in California since the digital revolution, the exhibition titled ‘Designed in California’ focuses on designs that are human-centered, socially conscious, and driven by new technological capabilities. SFMOMA designed in California
Curated by Jennifer Fletcher, the SFMOMA’s new exhibit captures the spirit of California designers who sought to change/design with more political, social, and environmental awareness. This spirit captured is intertwined with how digital revolution has greatly changed Design, inspiring new approaches that have helped transform the modern consumer into the digital user.
Featuring iconic designs and heroes like Apple, Ideo, Google, Autodesk, Patagonia and more, the SFMOMA exhibition ‘Designed in California’ explores the evolving landscape of design since the digital revolution.

Ant Farm/ Make your own real city #designedinCA

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Featured image credit: Nichole (Racek) Kreglow

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