Junior-Mid Level Research Associate Needed!

Are you passionate about creating social change? Can you carry out a diligent and solution-focused research? Are you good at synthesising information from a number of sources?

We are on the hunt for a junior-mid level research associate to join our design studio on a part time basis. You will be working alongside the rest of the team to uncover new ideas and solutions to social problems, find the right audiences for our content and carry out quantitative and qualitative research to support our projects.

What we look out for;
– Confidence in researching across a range of subject matters
– Sourcing materials and fields to synthesise information and insights relevant to the brief.
– Clearly communicating your findings and their implications for the brief.

Who we are;
The Liminal Space is a creative studio that uses art and design approaches to build understanding, participation and social action. We are a multidisciplinary team on a mission to empower more people, more profoundly to contribute to greater positive social and health outcomes.

Who we work with;
We work with clients and organisations who are excited about taking a new approach to engaging audiences, generating research insights and solving strategic challenges. These include some of the country’s top universities, independent funders and trailblazing brands.

Our recent Projects;
– Climate change
– Mental health for night shift workers in The Night Club
– Supporting end of life conversations t
– Ethics of gene editing.

In 2020 we were shortlisted as Emerging Design Studio of the Year 2020 by Dezeen, and received a Wellcome Trust Sustaining Excellence grant.

We are currently taking action to become a DEI organisation. We are at the beginning of this process, but our goals currently are as follows:
– To ensure representation of diverse talent
– To strengthen leadership accountability and capability for DEI
– To enable equality of opportunity through fairness and transparency
– To continue to promote openness and tackle discrimination internally and externally
– To foster belonging through unequivocal support for multivariate diversity so that people can bring their full selves to work with The Liminal Space

The Liminal Space values diversity, equity and inclusion and we have worked to shape an application process that is as accessible as possible. However we recognise that there may be more we can do especially for applicants who are  in society, have specific accessibility needs and/or experience discrimination. If this is the case we are both happy and open to discussing better ways to support your candidacy and make this application process as equitable as possible for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us before submitting your application.

We are open to and recognise non-conventional experience and expertise. This scope is outlined with people from communities which traditionally experience discrimination in mind. Those who experience discrimination and/ or prejudice based on their race, ethnicity or immigration status; women; new parents; people with disabilities and LGBTQI+ people are encouraged to apply.

If you wish to draw on your own lived experiences that will be both encouraged and supported but it is not nor ever will be a prerequisite of this role.

All candidates will be selected based on merit and experience but in the event of a tie between two/several candidates we may select the candidate with lived experience of the communities we are seeking to address through this work.

Important Details
Salary: TBC
Position: Part Time
Deadline: No deadline yet, we’re just reaching out!
How to apply: Please submit a CV and cover letter to recruitment@the-liminal-space.com

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