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Value the Lessons Your Mistakes Teach You | Annette Kariuki

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Every day is a learning experience. We get to learn a lot from the environment around us and other sources as well. Unfortunately, when things take a drastic turn, we are expected to act fast and face it head-on. A famous quote states, ‘Start valuing the lessons your mistakes teach you.’ These mistakes are part of life and they shape one’s life. Thus, we should work towards enforcing change within ourselves.
Surprisingly, a silver lining can occur during a trying period. We may acquire a job or major turnovers may occur in our lives. These major turnovers will foster us to look at things positively. We will be stronger than ever before and ready for anything no matter what. It will teach us to view life from two sides of a coin.

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Remember it’s how you set your mind. If you set your mind on challenging times, things will turn out like that. Choose to be positive minded. Focus on greater opportunities ahead as you are a conqueror. Do not let anyone sway you from achieving your dream. Be determined about it and seek advice from your mentors. Like Lisabeth Saunders Medlock, Ph.D. says in this Huffington Post, on Don’t Fear Failure,” One way to gain maximum benefit from mistakes is to examine them through the filter of powerful questions: “How can I use this experience?”; “What will I do differently next time?”; “How will I be different in the future?” Questions like these lead to an inquiry that invites solutions.”

We all have a story to tell. There are many things hidden in our hearts that we need to unravel. If only we were courageous enough to let them out, these stories would heavily impact other people. Let us work towards being an inspiration to people`s lives. Everybody starts from somewhere and it’s not an easy path. One undergoes rejection, mockery, and discouragement from others. This should not deter you from achieving your dream.

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Value the Lessons Your Mistakes Teach You - Annette KariukiAnnette Wangechi Kariuki is a student and online writer, studying Mass Communication at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.







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