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Meet Shreyanshi Kumari: 10 Years Old Poet, World Record Breaker and Grand Master Title Owner.

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Shreyanshi Kumari is a 10 year old girl, who finished from Grade 5 in May 2021. She is a multi-award winning girl, and one of the youngest authors in the world. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky and recently published her theme based and fun filled poetry collection. 

Okay She debuted in the poetry world in February 2021. This exposed her to her hidden literary flair and at the same time led to her being awarded with 4 World Records and a ‘Grand Master’ title by the prestigious #Asiabookofrecords, owing to her unique poetry collection “Pandemic 2020 : Poetic Winter Evenings”.

In Shreyanshi’s words, “these poems make you feel relaxed and engaged. When there are amazing things that you are enjoying, the Rhyming Vibes in the atmosphere can capture it in a few poetic lines, for reading at a later point of time and you can get enchanted by the memories every time you read. A nice way to sit and enjoy instead of being bored at home in these pandemic days”.

photo of Shreyanshi Kumari

Hi Shreyanshi, can you tell us your full name and your background ?

Hi, my name is Shreyanshi Kumari and I am a 10 years old girl. I am an author and poet and have completed 5th grade from JCPS, KY, USA this year.  I am a quick learner and my favorite subjects are math and science. I also love dancing and decorating. I tried my hands at writing poetry and soon realized my interest and creativity for it. I am fortunate to have earned 4 world records and a GrandMaster title for my debut poetry book. Readers are loving my second poetry book too.

When did you begin to write poetry ?

I started to write poetry during the winter break in the pandemic of 2020. I wanted to achieve something during the winter vacation and then when I discussed with my Mom we got an idea of writing poems. I didn’t know how to write poems, so I asked my parents and we structured the way to go about it. They gave me 8 random words each time and I used all these words plus crafted rhyming poetry, added funny lines and used simile etc. to write my poems. So, that’s how I began writing poems.

How do you feel about poetry? Did you have an interest in it initially?

I feel very happy and relaxed in my whole mind and my body becomes calm when I write poetry. I was very happy that I had finally got into writing poems. I release all my emotions when I am writing a poem.

Initially, I used to read Dr. Seuss books and I like the poetry way of story telling. I honestly didn’t know about writing it though and never thought that I would become an award winning poet. In fact I thought it is a very hard work to craft poems and find rhyming words and fun sentences for a poem. I loved reading it for sure initially!

You’re really so awesome having 4 world records and a Grand Master title. What is the experience like?

At first, I was surprised when I learnt about the interview for the world record because my parent had submitted the application for me. I had felt nervous to go into that interview as it was an assessment before awarding the world record and the title. But I was confident that I could do it since I had come so far. The experience was pleasant in the sense that I wrote new poems on the random words the interviewer gave me on video call. Within few days I got the awesome news.

The whole experience was very good and I felt proud about being awarded the world records and the title. More than that I feel very happy that I discovered my talent of writing unique poetry that was appreciated by renowned organizations. The experience also made me grow to the next level of theme based rhyming poetry in my second book.

Is there a poet or writer you look up to? Or any other role model?

As I’ve loved the poetry of Dr Seuss, I look up to him because he makes poems feel like stories which are very cool because you feel like you are reading a story but in a song or poem way. It adds a little fun and the rhyming sentences are so good. I also look up to many singers as they automatically make me sing to the tune. Poems also have a tunes, in my view, which you can always sing to!

You seem to have discovered your inner passion for poetry during the pandemic lockdown. How did it feel like discovering the poet in you?

I feel very happy and proud, because I had finally discovered my favorite hobby. I had liked to do so many things but not as much as writing. When I write my poems it helps me get back to my normal self. The pandemic days were so long and filled with many boring moments without having friends to play with or without going out. Discovering the poet in me was amazing as I enjoyed the fun and joyful time writing the poems and reading it to my parents.

Before then we’re inclined to write or did you have other interests?

Before I got into writing poems, I had so many other interests like robotics, sports, arts, crafts and dancing. I have participated in state level robotic tournament from my school. I have high green belt in taekwondo that I love. I also cherish having performed in dance programs on stage on many festive occasions. I also used to write short stories. I still love arts and dancing and do it every week.

picture of Shreyanshi with her book, Pandemic 2020

Shreyanshi, you’re quite the rockstar. Can you tell us about your two poetry books?

Yes sure. My two books are unique and very different from each other. My first book ‘Pandemic 2020: Poetic Winter Evenings’ has unique poems written using a set of 8 random words for each poem. I thought about the given 8 random words that my parents gave for each of my poems and then made fun, crazy and happy lines using these and soon the poem was already written.

My second book ‘Rhyming Vibes:Riding the Poetic Waves’ is structured in a different style. It has a format of rhyming poetry on unique topics from our lives and from the year 2021. For each topic, I listed down the key words and then presented a flowing rhyming poetry on that topic. I have kept these words in the published book too, so that it helps the readers feel poem writing is easy when the key words are in front of us.

What is your creative process like?

Well, for my first set of poems with random words, I did not have a creative process as such because I didn’t actually know the random words beforehand. The process would happen in my mind when I would look at those unique words. The brain storming inside me would get me the ideas in my head. Next I would make the poetic lines with the ideas which would best fit and be logical for the words and bingo, the stanzas would be ready.

For my second book’s poems, I would think through the topics and jot down the key words related to the topic, sometime on my own and sometimes by doing a quick research. After that I would weave the lines in rhyming poetry format and slowly make the whole poem to express the thoughts that I had.

How do you manage being a 5th Grader and an award-winning poet?

Its was not that hard actually because everyone has been so encouraging and appreciative of my efforts and achievements. I have my awards and achievements and I like to go with the flow. I am a normal fun-loving smart kid who is happy with awards and yet believe in continued learning. In fact 5th grade studies have helped me learn the concepts that I used in my poems. Also many poems in my second book are from my experience with my 5th grade teacher, classmates and fun time with my friends. So, it’s pretty much normal life with a hint of magic.

What is your typical day like?

A typical day for me on weekdays is like any student who is driven by a routine. I start my day with a bit of exercise and healthy breakfast and begin my classes. Of course, once my classes are over, I would have my breaks, dance time,  debate classes, homework and family time. My weekends are cool as I study around 2 hours in the morning and then rest of the day is free for me do my fun and creative work.

What do you look forward to achieving in the near future ?

At this point in time I am exploring couple of things, one of those is singing. I like hip-hop and I think I can write songs and make tunes for singing my own songs. Other one that I have in mind is stock trading, because I learnt and practiced trading in my stock market module of the Gifted & Talented program in my 5th grade. I would soon be deciding which one to go with.

Should we be expecting a new book soon?

Yeah, in fact there is a new book which has come up last month only, in which I am a co-author. Its a realistic fiction book about three 10 year old friends who gradually figure out the stock market mysteries and demystify the wild world of stock market in their own unique way. I loved co-authoring that with a grown up. Currently, I am learning about various types of stories, formats, structures and writing styles in my language class and maybe once I have practiced enough, I would write my own fiction book. Crossing my fingers!

Any word of advice for fellow creatives?

I would say – Do random things so that you can discover the talent in you and also do things that makes you happy. Try new things that will make you discover your real self and make you know yourself better.

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