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Real Life Lines Turns Your Photos and Mundane Objects into Funny, Shareable Illustrations

If you are having a sad or so-so day, just leave your thoughts behind for a minute or two and hop on to Real Life Lines’ Instagram account and we assure you that a fantastic smile will come upon your being.
Real Life Lines is one of our favorite Instagram accounts to just get lost in – everyday objects are brought to life and given a humorous personality.
Looking to give your photos a little personality? That’s exactly what Real Life Lines is for.

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Created by Berlin-based Charly Clements, Real Life Lines turns your pictures and mundane objects into alive personalities & characters.
Every day, Charly Clements turns ordinary objects into cute characters, exposing them to the joys and struggles of everyday life.
Designed to promote creative brands and talented makers, Real Life Lines will transform your photos into funny and shareable illustrations.

Charly Clements is a greeting card designer and freelance illustrator based in Berlin. She graduated from Birmingham City University in 2013 with a BA Hons in Visual communication: Illustration and since then has worked with a wide range of clients.
Born with an unhealthy obsession for doodling, Charly loves nothing more than to laze around in her PJ’s making magic happen with her pencils. Other hobbies include brainstorming bad puns, using foul language and watching cute animal videos.
If you would like to commission her for a new project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her!


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