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Kenyan Illustrator, Monica Obaga’s Sketchbook Reminds Us of Alice in Wonderland

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Monica Obaga’s use of colour is nothing short of the magical. Her illustrations are fairytale-like while retaining the solidity of reality. It’s like her work is calling you to imagine reality in a more surreal, hypnotic manner. She is an absolute delight, an Alice in a big beautiful Wonderland.
Monica Obaga is a Kenyan illustrator and graphic designer, currently based in Los Angeles. Her journey into illustration began with an interest in fashion design and digital media classes. She is an in-house corporate graphic designer with a special interest in projects that promote the diversity of artistic self-expression in the African community. Monica Obaga - Kenyan Illustrator

Up to 2015, the Kenyan illustrator was the founding Head of Digital Marketing at, Africa’s first online VOD channels, and the first to be acquired by a media giant in 2016. She is currently writing and illustrating her first book.

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To see more magical work by Monica Obaga, check out her website and follow her on Instagram.

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