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All Your Emotions Will Trickle Out in South Africa’s Kornilios Victoria’s Illustrations

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Kornilios Victoria’s art is full of emotional turbulence bubbling out and up into the surface of a paper (or in this case, a digital tool). Her illustrations evoke so much narrative and emotive consciousness, it reminds you of being still in the present, letting all your feelings flow through you.
Her work is so ethereal and real in a subliminal way as if time is passing by slowly in the construct of a digital face or painting.

Some guy #digitalart #digitalillustration #digitalpainting #neon

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“MK Sesame Nostalgia” Panel 2/3 Triptych #illustration #art #artist

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Kornilios Victoria is a South Africa-based Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
You should follow her work on Behance and Instagram.

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