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How to Start a Creative Agency (and Avoid Many of the Pitfalls)

Starting a creative agency seems like a perfect idea when you’re already a Creative. Whether the agency will offer interior design, deliver creative media campaigns, or be a web design studio, it’s easy to suffer multiple pitfalls along the way. How to Start a Creative Agency

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As a woman, it’s often difficult to be taken seriously. Creatives now find it more diverse than in some other industries, but there are still some ways to go. However, don’t let that put you off from starting a creative agency. 

Here are four tips for starting an agency while sidestepping the pitfalls. 

Don’t Be Underfunded

Underfunded businesses may launch, and continue for a while, but the limited or complete lack of funding is eventually their undoing. 

Most company owners fail to appreciate how long it will require to launch new products or sell enough services to clients. The clients must be found in the first place too. This either requires costly advertising or developing positive word of mouth (this takes time). Because of these factors, revenues in the first year and into the second can trail behind optimistic expectations. 

Getting funding for a new business isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are some good woman-owned business loan options from Advance Point Capital. These are worth a look to see if there’s something suitable for your situation. 

Dress the Part

People are used to dealing with larger agencies and may be reticent to sign with an upstart. Also, even other SMEs could be concerned if you’re working alone, or you’ve only been in business a few months.

It’s necessary to look the part. Otherwise, people will write you off as a pretender. Dressing and acting professionally at all times is critical. First impressions go a long way to sealing the deal. Also, it can help to make the business seem larger and more successful than it is. 

Don’t Skimp on the Website Design of your Creative Agency

Continuing from the previous point, a professional-looking website is essential for a creative agency. 

Whether it will be produced in-house because it’s a web design agency, or you’ll need to hire a web agency to produce it, don’t fail to invest here. 

Many websites are built on a platform called WordPress. Over 40% of the web now uses it. It will allow you to update the site, add content, and make other changes without handholding. Some themes provide an instant design for the site. However, you should avoid using one of these and request a custom theme design from an agency. This ensures that your creative input can be incorporated into the final site appearance and the site won’t mimic others using the same basic theme. 

Ensure Your Marketing is Spot On

The marketing plan needs to be well considered. If it doesn’t look sophisticated, your creative agency’s services won’t either. Accordingly, the price you can charge will be lower too. 

Focus on high-quality, heavily targeted marketing instead of aiming for a broader appeal with a hastily put-together marketing plan. Set clear targets on the ROI from the marketing spend, to ensure the marketing budget can be replenished too.

By putting your best foot forward, and avoiding obvious pitfalls, strides are made with new creative agency businesses. It also avoids losing time cleaning up after mistakes too.


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