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Quotes are Your Daily Basis Lifesaver | Annette Kariuki

By October 5, 2018 No Comments

Quotes tend to be derived from various experiences. It can be relationships, life experiences, fallen marriages etc. Most of our lives revolve around quotes that we need to reflect on. A good example is ‘30 things to start doing for yourself’ – this is an inspirational book filled with a load of quote that one needs to practice.

There is a particular quote that has challenged me the most. It states – “Start noticing how wealthy you are right now.’’ It kept me thinking about lots of things. Such as the little things that God has granted us. Clean water, good clothes, a place to stay, things that should never be taken for granted.

Philosophers and authors term quotes as words of wisdom. They are simply meant to inspire, correct and make someone a better person. Quotes can also change one`s perspective towards life. Personally, I love them since they challenge me each day.

A world without the existence of quotes would be boring. Nobody would inspire us and be a game-changer towards our lives. A word of advice to a person out there is; “Make it a habit to read a quote each day.’’ You will notice how much you will be inspired that day. I highly recommend that we read quotes preferably before you wake up and sleep.

Personally, quotes are important since they build one`s self-esteem. When you are in your lowest moments and feeling depressed, quotes uplift your spirits. We should always seek quotes as a source of inspiration and motivation. Let them be the strongest pillar in our lives.

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