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What Are Some Of The Things People Search For When They Add ‘Women’ To Their Google Search Queries?

By August 24, 2017 No Comments

So, it’s August 2017 and the world has become more aware of gender equality, empowerment and Feminism is marching forward or so we think if we are thinking idealistically. But, events around the world show that we may still be a long way away from the equality and empowerment that we are fighting for.
And so, yesterday I decided to just do a random search on Google about how far we’ve come, this search led my mind into thinking “what happens when I just type random ‘WH’ words in and add Women or Woman into my search queries and see what will come out?” Lo and behold…a whirlwind came out.

One of the things about using Google Search is that it cues you into people’s worries, anxieties, thinking processes, considering that people search for things that are on their minds. So, I started asking myself, what do people usually want to know when they put in a query and ‘women’ or ‘woman’ in the line they type out. And then I started typing out different short search queries which elicited top suggestions from what people have previously searched for.
These queries are a tiny insight into what people have thought about, feared, processed, are still processing…etc. Some of these suggestions are funny, some are scary, some are annoying, some are very interesting and the list goes on.

Here are screenshots of this mini-experiment:

are women - Google Search


P.S: I typed in a lot more than this that yielded no suggestions. I tried to keep thequeries short so as to get general suggestion and reduce bias. This mini-experiment is a look into what people search for and what aspects of gender education may still be void.
What do you think?
What are some of the things you’ve searched for that gave you fascinating or scary suggestions?
Share with us! 🙂

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