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10 Tips to Having Bright Success | DOAA GAMAL

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Feeling that you are a successful person can motivate you to achieve different goals and dreams in life. Success can be achieved while following your passion and purpose in life, this will help you to be a remarkable person in your field and help to make more money.

Here are ten steps to help you succeed in fulfilling your dreams and desires:

1-   Have a purpose in life:

A person who can understand his or her purpose in life will lead himself or herself to work according to a clear plan. It will also help to understand why he or she has been created. This can help set up a plan that will help in achieving and creating something that can change other people’s lives and help in doing something different. 


2.-Create a goals list:

Take your time to create a “goals list” to determine what you can work on, then how you can achieve it and make it come true. This is a good chance to help in being more organized and work according to a specific plan.

3.-Choose “SMART” Goals: 

Working on your goals and dreams, do not forget to make it “SMART” to have credibility.

S: Specific.

M: Measurable.

A: Achievable.

R: Realistic.

T: Timely.

Always work on your goals according to the “SMART” map to be able to achieve your goals and dreams in life without losing focus.

4.- Have a commitment:

Ensure that your goals and dreams can work effectively in reality, there is a need for you to have commitment. Commitment can help you to grow day by day. All that you need to do is create your daily schedule and follow it regularly. 

5.- Have a finance source: 

Be sure that, there is sustainability, there is a need to determine your finance resources. This can be while having a full-time job or a freelance job or having your own business. This helps for feeding your needs and makes you comfortable while working on different goals and tasks.

6.- Hunt different opportunities: 

Always search for opportunities and be ready for them! You can be ready while preparing and educating yourself in a way that can help in hunting different opportunities according to your ability, skills, and knowledge. 

 7.- Create your community: 

If you are passionate about specific field or profession. Surround yourself with people they are in the same field or profession. This will lead you to know and understand more about this field, how to develop in it and also how you can add values. Either this can be a network for you or you can help others in this community to reach some specific goals, and also you can ask them if there is an available opportunity in what you are interested in. 

 8.- Surround yourself with positive people:

Having positive people in your life can help you to be motivated all the time. Also, this will encourage you to do your best to achieve your goals. Be determined and do not listen to any negative words. Make sure that you stick to your plan and work towards achieving it. 

9.- Always remind yourself with your passion:

Remind yourself with your passion regularly, it will help you to work hard and uplift you. Enthusiasm and perseverance are what is needed to get our desired results. So, make sure that you have a passion that can help you to turn your dreams into reality. 

 10.- Ask about feedback:

If you want to be successful, always ask for feedback from others that you have worked with or you started some projects with them. Getting feedback will help you to learn from mistakes and always work efficiently. 

Doaa Gamal is passionate about writing and helping others. She believes that through writing, one can deliver different messages that can influence the world around us. She works to help others set up their goals and discover their potential. She is also a life enthusiast and blogger always looking at the bright side of life. She is interested in sustainable development, education and helping others through volunteer work.
She looks forward to being an added value to (For Creative Girls) by helping in raising awareness of its work around the world!


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