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Poets That Set Our Hearts On Fire: Tomi Adesina

Tomi Adesina’s poetry is an avalanche of emotions coming at you like the Truth-knife of a rapper’s words. Encountering her poems a few weeks ago has been a soul-searching discovery – you literally start scratching your mind when you read her poetry.
Tomi Adesina is a poet whose words are densely packed with visual truths and laced with awesomeness.
She is a writer – screenwriter, poet, fiction series blogger and a filmmaker, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Lady of the night They call me the lady of the night, The one who treads these streets with all her might, The sultry one whose beauty was enough to sweep away their pain – what sort of pain was that anyway? They call me the nameless one. The one who calls no one her own. The one whose days sees her head bowed, Because the shame from the night keeps it down. Then I met you that night, A knight riding in on his stallion, Clawing me away from the grasp of the battalion, Exterminating their growing desires. You look at me as though I am worth more than their night and tell me that I am beautiful. I believe it. Then these colours flush across my face with delight, Dear One, is that a blush? You lift my head up and the rays from the sun bounces off my skin giving it a glow. I have learnt to hold my head up high, It’s a better view up here, Never am I letting me down again. You ask for my name; I tell you the lady of the night. You say you hope I’ll be the lady to bring you light. They called me the nameless one. You call me the only one. BY: Tomi Adesina Digital art by @anibrendan (Thank you Ani for #Sade) #Poetry #LadyOfNight #Poem #Broken #Heroes #Lady #Woman #DigitalArt #Art #Writer #Author #3rdStreet

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Short Story Title: Forever A turn to the left, another to the right… Back where we started…as strangers… On the bridge that held our best moments like when you told me that we'd spend forever, you burnt me on the same bridge by taking forever from me… A lot has happened and yes, we have both made mistakes but then you once told me that it's the mistakes that make us stronger. Right? Then why is this one ripping us apart? Or have we been burnt a long time ago… Was I the one holding on to nothing? Distances are good too…maybe all I need to do is chase this space…. But what if you never come back? What if this space turns into miles and then infinity? What if I never see you again, George? Would we still have forever? Maybe what we'd have is never… And maybe we'll be fine… Maybe that's just okay. I guess it's fine… No, it's not fine. Tomi Adesina #ShortStory #GeorgeJemimah #Writer #amwriting #ToGeorge #Memoirs #WritersCommunity #screenwriter #Fiction

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Follow Tomi Adesina’s poetry and writing on her blog. Awesome part? She’s about to publish a book!


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