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Goddess Central is Showcasing Women-led Businesses & Services

What’s more amazing than coming across Products, Services, and awesomeness created by fellow sisters? Nothing!

Can you name all the products, businesses and services owned/run by women? 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a place where you find businesses run by women? An online platform of “who runs the (business) world? Girls, girls.” This is exactly what Goddess Central is for, a website is for Women only, to promote themselves. Run as a free listing site, for Goddesses (Women) around the world to be able to promote and share their businesses and services the same way hotels, restaurants and businesses do on TripAdvisor and Yelp, Goddess Central is the online commerce center for women-run businesses. Goddess Central

One of the most beautiful and amazing things of this age is the fact that the voices of badass women are being heard more and more.

No longer are women hidden or have to be put in the dark, no longer is their worth being stifled by misconceptions like it used to be decades before.

Started by Khadaura Celesteal who being raised by strong goddesses and queens saw the need to have a space for women to share and promote their work without any cost, Goddess Central is on a mission to help women unleash their commercial and business superpower to the world by equipping them with tools they need to be found, engaged with and transact.

Khadaura Celesteal grew up seeing the women in his life start and run successful businesses, ventures, and creative spaces, seeing the manifold commercial power that they wield. Goddess Central

With an account on Goddess Central, you can create multiple listings based on your business/service types, receive and send messages to patrons/clients, list your hours and appointment times, schedule appointments and receive payments directly to yourself, add a menu of products, show your location on a map and more.

It’s time to share your awesome business with the world!

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